+Erasmus+ Programme


Science and Global Education beyond the barriers of learning difficulties

First meeting work program

Bologna 28-30 january 2016

Location : IIS Aldini valeriani Sirani Via Bassanelli 9-11,11.3461304,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x92b48b3c6cdd27d8?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiohvSsxbPKAhXF-w4KHQveAFgQ_BIIazAK


Thursday  28 th January  c/o Show Room IIS Aldini Valeriani Sirani  , via Bassanelli 9-11
start time 14.00 p.m.

end time 14.45

quality charts ( overall time 45 minutes) presentation of quality charts by Polish University ( 15 minutes)
each partner  re-write his own quality chart for the product he has done ( 15 minutes)
discussion : when shall we use quality charts ?, how many deadlines for products shall we establish ? how many reports shall we do based on quality charts ?  ( 15 minutes)
start time 14.50

end time 16.15-16.45

presentations of products : Italian SEN slides, Polish SEN slides, Turkish SEN slides, observation grid for “non speaking teacher behaviours “ , dissemination plan each partner presents its own product pointing out strengthnesses and weaknesses ( 10-15  minutes maximum  for each product)
after each presentation discussion of ten minutes: partners help and give suggestions : how can we improve the product ? what can be improved in the product ?



Friday 29th January  c/o Show Room IIS Aldini Valeriani Sirani  , via Bassanelli9-11
start time 9.00 a.m.

end time 9.45 a.m.

logistic organization of meetings we will decide : exact dates for meetings, hotels, costs, number of persons involved
mobility passes for teachers and students : who will prepare them, which school will use them
start time 9.50

end time 10.30-10.45

Lesson Study ( presentation by ADi) what is lesson study, which tools we will use to perform it ( 15 minutes)
discussion : how can we improve tools ? shall we film the lessons ? how can we organize observations ? ( 20 minutes-25 minutes)
coffee break
start time 11

end time 11.45

the lessons : planning and performing them during meetings discussion : how can we organize lessons and the discussion of lessons during Polish meeting ? on how many days shall we perform them and discuss them? which deadlines shall we establish to deliver the lessons ? which instruments shall we use to create the lessons and  to share the lessons ? ( moodle, forums, mail, edmodo etc ) ( 45 minutes discussion)
start time 11.45-11.50

end time 13























Presentation of Show Room ideas for the lessons presentation by Bologna City Hall of several different ideas for the lesson (20- minutes)

presentation of one example of lesson we are working out ( iis aldini valeriani+ Turkish partner) 10 minutes


discussion + brainstorming : how can we organize working groups of students during meetings ( homogeneous per age or heterogeneous  per age, homogeneous per  level or heterogenous …) ? In which way/ways can we gain time for cooperative learning during the meeting( flipped classroom and spaced learning) ? are the tasks we are proposing realistic ? which problems we think we can  we have in performing these kinds of lessons ? which solutions can we find ? ( 30 minutes)
Lunch time
start time 14

end time 14.45

flipped classroom and spaced learning, what are they, how shall we use them ? ( presentation by ADi) ppt presentations (15 -20 minutes)
discussion : which tools shall we use to share movies or slides? ( you tube, moodle, edmodo ..)

shall we build a virtual class for the project on Edmodo ? ( 30 minutes)

start time 15

end time 17


Adi will validate teachers’ presence at the meeting and provide professional certificates valid for professional updating

Italian teachers’ meeting, Italian presentations on flipped classroom and spaced learning, sharing ideas for lessons Italian presentations by ADi ( 30 minutes)
discussion + brainstorming ( maximum time 1 hour 30 minutes)


Saturday 30th January  c/o Show Room IIS Aldini Valeriani Sirani  , via Bassanelli 9-11
start time 9.00 am

end time 10.30 a.m.

website quality control presentation of website quality chart ( Polish University) 15 minutes
presentation of the website ( 15 minutes)
each partner evaluate the website ( 15 minutes)
discussion : what can be improved ? how can we improve it ?suggestions and ideas (30 minutes )


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