About the project


The specific objectives of the present project are:
1)The analysis of different tools for guidance used by different partner countries.
2)The analysis of the monitoring quality systems in order to verify the efficiency of guidance tools.
3)The analysis of existing different counselor guidelines
4)Development of an European network which can lead to the development of new partnerships about this issues.
The main target group is made up by vocational schools teachers as well as educators and counselors. The teachers will be fully involved in the project together with ADi experts, Fonix experts and experts from “La Sapienza Univervsity” in Rome. Students belong to the secondary target group and they are the ones who mainly benefit from the use of effective and appropriate guidance tools.


The methodology involves the establishment of different committees to manage and monitor the activities ( executive committee, quality commission, development commission and innovation commission), the compiling of quality control data sheets every three months, regular remote meetings through Skype, spaced by further meetings in the presence.
The methodology implies the teachers’ participation in every step of the project, since the initial phase, up to the drawing up of a final report. The final report, coming out from all the staff training events, has to describe all the tools analyzed and the objectives to be pursued by a guidance action aimed to the self-empowerment promotion, the three main types of guidance used in the different countries (informational guidance, learning support guidance, counseling guidance), the usefulness of self -evaluation within the guidance activities.
Our objective, moreover, is to assess the ability of different guidance tools to develop youth skills that can be placed in the area ”resourses” of the document EntreComp of the European Commission issued in 2016, in particular the skills referred to self-determination. According to the project teachers of the partner schools have to test a guidance tool which is different from the one regularly used at school with at least 30 students.


An initial meeting in Bologna will be necessary to start our activities. Four staff training events will follow up in the partner countries. (Italy, Norway, Germany, Poland). The staff training events objective is to analyze the different tools and methodologies used for youth guidance, they will enable us to contact other bodies interested in the activities (Ja Europe, local companies, public authorities, foundations, schools).


Revision of the guidance tools used by the different partners
Integration of the different curriculums concerning some skills outlined in the document EntreComp
Birth of synergies between schools and external bodies for youth guidance in order to create school guidance paths that can be integrated with work guidance projects.
Establishment of new mixed working groups (teachers and experts) about the project issues
Development of new European projects regarding this subject.


Decrease of youth unemployment level
Decrease of school drop-out in vocational schools below 10% as requested by Strategia Europa 2020
Foundation of common European tools for youth guidance for learning and working careers.