FØNIX partner


Background and expertise:

FØNIX (FONIX) is the largest company within the vocational rehabilitation market in Norway. Our main office is located in Sandefjord, Norway, (120 km south of Oslo) supporting 11 regional offices in the county of Vestfold. FONIX has approx. 220 employees – mostly certified trainers and instructors / teachers.

FONIX are a NGO and organized as a limited company (AS), but act as a non-profit organization through our formal approval as supplier to the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Service (NAV).

FONIX is 100% owned by the municipality of Sandefjord, but the approval as supplier to NAV requires that owners cannot take out dividends, and that all profits will benefit the users of the enterprise. In this setting, FONIX serves an important role for the community and public authorities regarding vocational rehabilitation.

At any time during the year, this service includes approximately 2.000 learners / jobseekers and approximately 300 migrants / language learners.

In 2017, more than 1.400 people got a job through FONIX.

Scope of work / specific expertise:

FONIX base their service provision on each persons’ individual need for assistance, regarding their work capacity. We coaches each individual towards ordinary employment through qualification and job training.  “Supported Employment” which is a benchmark methodology, applied for the group of jobseekers in need of an extensive follow up in the open labor market.

The services provided for the vocationally disabled are:

  • Assessment of the potential work and educational capacity of the individual and qualification of the individual through career guidance, adapted job training and/or qualification (job skills or further education).
  • To provide permanent adapted work for the individuals that has no possibility of a job in the open labor market.

FONIX also provide “Work Preparatory Training” for people who need to establish necessary basic job skills, lifelong career guidance, language training and work-related integration for migrants. We deliver the Integration Program on behalf of the municipality of Sandefjord, and are in charge of more than 400 migrants every year.

In addition, FONIX also has extensive experience with internal company training on many different levels – both in public- and private sector.  The experience is especially from the use of career guidance connected to high levels of sick leave.

As of today FONIX is a pre-qualified provider of basic skills training (Basic Skills in Working Life – BCWL) by Skills Norway and involved in more than 40 ongoing BCWL-projects in Norwegian companies. FONIX is also an active member of European Basic Skills Network (EBSN).