In Germany

The vocational school Schwalmstadt is a modern vocational school district in the rural area with a huge variety of professional fields. On the one hand the school focuses on the training of professionals (e.g. dual system of vocational training) and on the other hand on the full school education (acquisition of technical college).

Considering the added feature of dual training, the school is an equal partner within the project. In addition, the school is involved for several years now actively in the field of environmental protection. We put high value on a resource-saving attitude. We use recycled paper and separate the waste. Furthermore, within a class project a photovoltaic system to generate electricity has been installed on the roof of our school building and a rainwater collecting system has been built. The construction of a wind power plant is also planned.

Our aim is to motivate teachers and students to even more environmental and resource-saving awareness and to encourage them to use alternative means of transportation. To cooperate with students from other countries is a great inspiration for our school.

The location of our school near the former inner-German border enhances the analysis of the division of Germany and Europe. Because of this great and historically significant location, it is possible to cycle along the former border and experience the division of Germany in an environmentally friendly way right in front of your eyes.

Our school will organise the local programmes, offer accommodation and eating facilities



Tool report in Germany: click here to download the Report pdf file